Ortoconserviera Cameranese is an Italian agricultural food-processing company, which produces, preserves and sells foodstuffs that are either pickled or preserved in oil.
Founded in the 1930’s by Enrico Giacchetti, the company is currently managed by Marino Giacchetti and his son Maurizio.
Thus, trough their passion and experience, three generations of the family have preserved the flavours, recipes and traditions of Italian cuisine and the typical products of the Marche Region.



The various Ortoconserviera Cameranese product lines are introduced in a widespread manner into the principal channels of distribution.
The market for the company’s goods is both national and international, thanks in part to the ever-greater demand for products that have come to symbolise a complete synergy between quality and the conservation of culinary traditions



The entire range of products is the result of a careful selection process, which begins with the purchasing of raw materials directly from their area of origin.
The materials are then subjected to further thorough controls in the company headquarters, in order to ensure that they correspond to the production requirements.
Only after the products have successfully passed the rigorous test phase are they passed on to the next stage of processing.



Ortoconserviera Cameranese, ever aware of the challenge of quality and the importance of maintaining production standards, has set up an analysis laboratory within the company.
The laboratory carries out and records the chemicalmicrobiological test, the quality controls relating to all phases of the production and the test on preservation of the products – all aimed at guaranteeing maximum safety for the final customer.