Ortoconserviera Cameranese is an agrifood company that has been producing, preserving and selling products in oil for three generations. Grounding on its longstanding passion and experience, Ortoconserviera Cameranese preserves and passes on typical recipes and flavours of Marche region.



The various production lines of Ortoconserviera Cameranese are introduced in Italy through various distribution channels(organized mass distribution and HORECA) in the sectors of gastronomy, canned goods, fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the positive response of the italian market, the company has decided to expand its market presence abroad, with particular attention to Europe, America and the Far East. This new strategy stems from a growing demand of products reflecting the combination of quality, innovation and retention of cultural traditions.



Ortoconserviera Cameranese monitors the whole production process with a "from farm to table" approach: firstly raw materials are directly selected in the place of origin to carefully assess the suppliers. Raw materials are then subjected to careful internal controls to check whether they are compliant with the company qualitative standards and productive needs. Only after their compliance and suitability have been assessed, the products are moved to the following processing and packaging phases.



The main goal of Ortoconserviera Cameranese is to place on the market high quality products, which are also safe for consumers. For this reason, the company has an HACCP plan, namely uses a series of preventive control procedures, aimed at identifying possible critical points(of physical, chemical and microbiological nature) to prevent food contamination; after having been identified, critical points shall be constantly monitored and preventive actions shall be taken to ensure that the final product is guaranteed as safe for consumption. Thanks to this philosophy, the company has recently achieved two important certifications BRC, IFS, KOSHER and MIPAAF AGRICULTURE ITALY the BIOLOGICAL CERTIFICATION for Marche style Olives. In addition, in order to ensure a constant product control, the company has a corporate laboratory where analyses are recorded, as well as new recipes testing. ACCREDIA-certified external laboratories are also used for chemical-physical, of shelf-life type,microbiological and nutritional analyses.



Ortoconserviera also focuses on innovation and on the research of products, which are unique on the market, consumers demand and healthy needs are indeed of the utmost importance.

The cooperation with the University of Camerino led, for example, to the Curcumaglio idea, namely garlic cloves " not tasting like garlic" with the addition of turmeric and flaxseed. The study made by the University showed that the  marination process, patented by the company, keeps alline unaltered and gives the product a very delicate flavour.

Starting from 2018, Ortoconserviera also offer a line of ORGANIC CERTIFIED products, thus ensuring healthier and more natural products for consumers, without phytopharmaceuticals, pesticides, fungicides and GMOs. The result is more natural and eco-sustainable food meeting the real biological needs of our body, unlike sophisticated food. The Oliva alla marchigiana (Marchigian-recipe olive) is also a part of this project, its recipe was modified over the last years to make it closest to the traditional one, as is was made in houses.





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